About Ayur Yoga


Ayur Yoga is a system that includes multiples techniques and methods that allows to the student guided by a qualified teacher create its own way to the wellness and freedom acording to their needs and stages. Was codified by Sri Han Sa Dev Nath (Jorge Bidondo, Argentina)

My Yoga styles are: Yoga Therapy – Kriya – Restorative – Alignment – Meditation – Pranayama –  Traditional Ashtanga – Hatha – Aqua

At the same time I am perform ancients instruments in a meditative way usually at the end of the practices or in exclusive events for go into expanded counscious states, even in water with remarkable effects for stress relief.
Instruments I play: Overtones singing, Gong, Himalayan bowls, Didgeridoo and others magical instruments from the world.







  • I am certified as Ayur Yoga therapist by Latin American Yoga school and  Pathanjala Yoga Kendra (India)
  • From 2005, I have been teaching Yoga in Argentina for general public as well as therapeutic classes for spine and stress diseases.
  • Post graduated in Yoga & Dharma, Rishikesh, India. 2009.
  • Nowadays I am based on Barcelona, Spain. I lead retreats, offer private sessions and workshops about Ayur Yoga.
  • In 2014, I taught in Münich, Germany.
  • 2013-2015 Organizer and Assistant trainer of Ayur Yoga Teacher Training in Rosario Argentina.
  • Invited to congresses of wellness in Argentina where I talked and shared experiences about Yoga therapy, meditation, and Sound therapy.
  • I was iniciated in differents deekshas sadhanas by my Guru.

Ancient Sounds & Water.

  • I released two music albums for meditation and sound healing: Plenitud (2009) and Tripsica (2013).
  • I have designed a singing bowl massage method “Turya bowl massage”.
  • Presented in Argentina, Germany and Spain the events “Gong Meditation” and “Sound Journey” as well as workshops about others ancient instruments.
  • Invited to the first Soundhealing festival in Argentina in 2012 for performance of overtone singing.
  • My connection with the water brought me to study Ayur Yoga in Water, Watsu (water shiatsu), Ai Chi and explore more about the effect of the aquatic bodywork in stress diseases offering floating experiences on water with sounds (gong, singing bowls, overtones singing and more)
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