About me

I am here to help you discover by yourself your inner potential.
We have in this life the right to develop our inner potential to become in great humans enjoying all our capacities.

The self-knowledge is the key to awake that potential inside you.

However sometimes we are a bit lost or confused and we do not know exactly how to begin this journey to the self-knowledge and happiness to live great as we really could.

My mission is to help people to find their inner source of wellness and happiness based in their inner resources through of the path of Yoga, the most ancient science of self-knowledge.

In today’s world to be really successful in any area of the life is necessary to be healthy, clear on what we want to be and get ready for go ahead. A regular practice of Ayur Yoga gives you all these things and much more that you expect.

It looks like nowadays time flies and know how to manage your emotions and feelings with the stress and demands of the daily life is a requirement to enjoy your days completely. May you think is too complicated release when you decide your worries or those repeated nonsense thoughts that make you feel stressed. Fortunately, Yoga developed thousand years ago many tools and methods with effective results to make easier and shorter that way that you are beginning today. And I am going to show and introduce you in many of them in order you experience by yourself

A healthy lifestyle that you will adapt in your own daily life, tools that will work for you forever.

This blog is a source of high quality knowledge and tools of Ayur Yoga practices focussed specially in stress relief, one of my fields as Ayur Yoga therapist and about yoga lifestyle tips to live happier your days off the mat as well as other knowledge related with science and health researches that helps to understand better how Yoga practices and meditation and their effects works.

 I talk and teach about physical practices, psychology and emotional aspects of Ayur Yoga applied to common issues as stress management, in general, anxiety, irritation, low energy, and more.
I share these resources to complement your yoga experience writing articles, making podcasts, videos, and music.

I am focussed working on stress relief because today is one of our big obstacles to live in plenitude. In my career, the most people who come to me is for differents issues related directly with stress disorders. See the immediate change in their lives in a short time of practice motivates me to help the most quantity of people to learn how to get in balance again naturally. And the internet is my way to help many a lot of people of the world.

Also, you will find online products and services as courses and exclusive programs based in the vast Yogic science and other powerful knowledge as Ayurveda, sound therapy and more to have a complete and real benefits of the Yoga in your life.
I designed theses programs to help people of today return to their source of natural health and wellbeing with the advantage of the technology to do the practices at home with an internet connection.

Look at sections of Yoga Retreats and workshops to meet us at live with the community to do yoga, meditate and have fun.
My favorites topics are: Yoga and meditation for self-realization, stress relief estreategies, music and sounds for improving wellbeing, the art of relaxation, how to develop our capacities to be our best version among others.
Topics that I use talk in master classes and retreats.

Relax your shoulders, take a deep breath & smile.

When you release all those old mental structures and fears, and you start to be gentle with your self, taking care about the body, mind, and emotions, your life change immediately, the conscious expands and the energy flows up, a warm feeling of wellness and calm inside you is reflected on your eyes and finally the autopilot life is turned off and you begin to be the captain of your journey.


“…I was in an inner crisis, wanting to start the change to a healthier life, more conscious and lovely.  I had many symptoms, physics as well as emotions; confusion and anger.
Through the practices of Ayur Yoga, I was finding peace, order and calm in my inner.
As it would more conscious my life and body were transforming and healing…”

Flavia Faleroni, Argentina.


“…I used to suffer neck pain, difficulties to rest (Bruxism) and the stress of the city. The Ayur Yoga pracitices started to calm my anxiety, improved my consciousness and esteem.
From the meditation and visualizations, I learned how to get my goals easier…”
Laura Eggel, Argentina.

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