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If you have a Retreat center, Yoga organizer company or a group of friends enthusiastics of Yoga looking for a deep Yoga experience you can hire me to lead your next Yoga retreat and co-create a remarkable moment for the assistants.
If you are interested in the programs that I am going to lead soon, please go to Retreats section.

Tell me your ideas or theme for the retreat and I will design for you a customized program that will cover your expectations and delight to our assistants. I will pleased to lead differents acitvities and yoga classes along the day to make live our guests a real transforming experience of an Ayur Yoga retreat.

Whether you are thinking in a thematic retreat focussed in meditation for begginers or for advances students looking for go deep in their asanas, pranayama and meditation practices you can count on me for my wide style teachings in your next project.
Also you can choose one of my exclusive Yoga Retreats programs:

  • Deep stress relief. A program designed with daily Ayur Yoga classes that includes asanas, pranayama and meditation as well as workshops to learn how to release deep stress and manage stress situation in the daily life.
    Special Bonus: Includes an exclusive ebook with tips and resources to continue after at home enjoying the benefits of the retreat program. 
  • Healthy emotions has been desgined to do in a pool with warm water and on land. Along of the program the participants discover the powerful of recognize and experience how to find an emotional balance letting go the old feelings and how to open to a new feelings like calm, joyness, love and peace through the exclusive gentle vinyasa flow with meditations in water and the activities on land like reflextions and meditation will make to the participants live an experience of deep insights that had never lived before.
    Special Bonus: Includes an exlcusive ebook  for the participants with yoga practices to keep the emotional balance in the daily life.
  • 7 days Ayur Yoga foundations (For begginers) is a retreat for people interested in start the path of the Yoga or for students that would like to know deeper others aspects beyond the asanas practices.
    This program is based in the eight limbs of the Yoga Sutras and include asanas practices, pranayama, meditation and philosophy.
    7 days to experiment the effect of a intense daily practices, have fun and make new friends.
    Special Bonus: Guided meditation in high quality audio that integrates the teachings of the retreat.

My work is based in planification of each lesson and activity acoording your requirments. If you have your own programs and would you like to I lead them, I can work with them making some adjustings to my style with your final aprovation and offer something unique and awesome!

Copyright © 2009-2016 GONZALO BOLLA™, All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2009-2016 GONZALO BOLLA™, All Rights Reserved.

I am available to travel to any part of the world and make your event a remarkable moment for your participants. I will be happy to work together.

Let’s start right now to work in your Awesome Yoga Retreat, let me your message below.

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