Private Online Ayur Yoga Program


Discover in the next questions if  you need a change to your freedom and wellness:

  • Do you feel that your stress is out of control?
  • Do you usually feel anxiety and is difficult for you calm your mind?
  • Do you wish calm your mind for feel better but you do not how to do it?
  • Do you perceive that most of the situations exceed you and finally you feel without energy?
  • Do you consider that your self-esteem is affected by the stress?


Probably you need help from someone with the experience in stress field and has already helped people in situations like you are now. A person with the right knowledge that can guide you with the especifics estrategies and techniques indicated for your situation and needs for reach:

-More tranquility.

-Have a clear and constructive vision of life.

-More vitality and balanced stress level.



Offering you in this stage of your life a customized plan with the necessaries steps to reach yours wellness goals.

I want to help you to:

Guide you in your firsts Ayur Yoga practice for stress management.
That you develop your capacities to feel better and reach your personal goals.
Recover your vitality and really enjoy your life.

You must to know that this program is a challenge where you are who make each step and produce its self transformation. My rol is show you the estrategies in a organized way and be sure that your practice goes to the goals established.

If you have already tryed by your own manage your stress and you think could not see any progress. I can help you.


No doubt you already know that the information you find in magazines or videos on internet are not complete tools when you really need improve your health. Without a professional help, you will not see any progress..

Because be alone trying to resolve anxiety and stress disorders reading self-helps books many times is far from reality.

You need realistics results in a short time. And  having someone on your side that offers you the answers and planified estrategies that you really needs depending on your stages.

If you agreed until here, this 1 to 1 program is for you.

Establish the 1 to 1 link in each session is the safest way to see results, be motivated and even is fun, you will see it!

If you have been searching for a while how feel better from stress and you need a real progress, having on your side and Ayur Yoga therapist  will help you to experiencing health changes soon.


Time A customized Ayur Yoga program saves time in searchings or test, allowing you see benefits soon.
To the essential  We will work focussed on your needs, only with those techniques and estrategies you need for your daily life, focussed on the essential and solving doubts at the moment.
Clarity We will go in a well definied direction. With a plan and its concrete steps toward the objetives. There we’re go!
Comfort You will do the program at your home with the freedom to organize your schedule for do your daily practice.

The duration of this program is 8 weeks. At the end you will be ecxeeded an important part that used blocked your wellness and you will have with the essential tools to continue go ahead by your own.


This is a exclusive service for you if you have the commitment, dedication to improve your wellness and:

  • You dispose of a daily time to do your personal practice.
  • You have clear that the discipline is an essential key of the way.
  • You feel it as a personal challenge and beyond your current situation, you know where you want to reach.
  • That all achievements take time and dedication. There are not shortcuts.
  • You wish learn how to transform you by your self.
  • You understand that is about work on you and do not focus the responsabilities outside.

For this way work on:

  • Design your ideal practice for this moment of your life.
  • How you should apply the plan day by day.
  • How to develop a new vision of self-knowledge.
  • How to action on front of especific situations that block you.
  • How to improve your stress response.
  • How to reach the proposal objetives.


Gonzalo-BollaBecause I help people like you to feel well again over 10 years.

I have built my career in this Ayur Yoga speciality and I continue updating my knowledge every year.
Because are the estrategies and techniques that I use in my daily life and are part of my lifestyle.
I have helped people with anxiety, depresion, panick attacks and other stress issues to discover again their source of health and wellnes, in a natural way and enjoying the process.

Is my vocation helping and I have facility to transmit knowledge. I want to help you feel well again.


The program has a duration of 8 weeks.

  • We will have an interview before to start the program where the concretes and realistic objectives will be establish. We will discuss about the most convenients points to work and design your customized plan.
  • I will design your personal practice and then I will show you how to do it step by step.
  • We will have a 60 minutes meeting once a week by Skype to trace your practice and we will solve questions.
  • I will show you new activites beside the practice that you will have to do along the week.
    The sessions will be recorded for you and you will able to watch it again when you need it.
  • The 8 meetings will be in a frequency of once a week.
  • You will have a special support to contact me by a private email. I will answer you as soon as possible and you will be able to continue with the practice normally. This feature is only available along the duration of the program.

    “…I felt constantly jump from thought to another and my anxiety uses to be too high. I had digestive problem disease and feel low physic energy.  I felt that my problems had broken my will.
    Now I feel more serene, clearness my mind setting a side the thoughts that aren’t productive and keeping a posture away of the drama of how about are the situations.
    Also, the effect that the Ayur Yoga practices that you give; is remarkable your commitment with the activity, the professionalism, the applied discipline and above all, your great capacity to transmit the knowledge and make that flows and reach where has to reach with out effort to understand, in a natural way. Added to all this, the tracing of each student, is admirable…”

    Daniela Summa. Argentina.

    “…You came into my life when the stress were taking my life.
    Before to started your practices I had fears of everything and any commentary or situation exceeded me.
    While we were doing the practices my will strength was improving, my way to see the things were changing.
    The energy that I started to feel was incredible and my projects were making real.
    I could meet again with the happiness, be confidence in my self.
    In addition that I improve my physic health, also, I felt in love of this new lifestyle…”

    Claudia Comba, Argentina.


    The worth of the service is 997 euros (Taxes apart if correspond)

    It is payed before to the first meeting.


    If you are interested in this proposal and think that I am the indicated to help you, so complete the Pre-inscription form that you will finde below. There you will tell me about your situation, how do you think I can help you and what do you expect of the program.

    I respond the requests whithin 48hs. but I will accept only that I think more convenients for the program.

    If I consider that I can help you we will make an appointmen an interview by Skype or telephone, we will talk about the program and let see if we feel comfortable to work together.

    I work only with 3 students. When a new place is available it is informed to the next on the list.

    Please, keep in mind that could take some weeks of waiting for work together.


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