I was recommended Gonzalo’s programs for a known person. I had the need to order my thoughts and calm my mind, I felt constantly jump from thought to another and my anxiety uses to be too high. I had digestive problem disease and feel low physic energy.  I felt that my problems had broken my will.

Now I feel more serene, clearness my mind setting a side the thoughts that aren’t productive and keeping a posture away of the drama of how about are the situations.

I achieved calm the mind, the breathings techniques helped me a lot to find balance and go step by step.
I can realize that in “limit situations” my reactions are differents, I feel my self-tranquility beyond the difficulties of the moment. I strengthened my will and spirit, thanks to the integral view that I learned on the lessons.

I would recommend his practices, and even I did it. Also, the effect that the yoga practices that you give; is remarkable your commitment with the activity, the professionalism, the applied discipline and above all, your great capacity to transmit the knowledge and make that flows and reach where has to reach with out effort to understand, in a natural way. Added to all this, the tracing of each student, is admirable. From my experience, were all this factors that influenced in my performance.

Daniela Summa, Rosario. Argentina.


I arrived at Gonzalo for a friend’s recommendation.

I was in an inner important chaos, in crisis, wanting to start the change to a healthier life, more conscious and lovely. And at the same time with much inner resistance. I had many symptoms, physics as well as emotions; confusion and anger.

Through the programs, I was finding peace, order and calm in my inner.
As it would more conscious my life and body were transforming and healing.

From de Ayur Yoga classes, guided meditations, the music with singing bowls and Gong, everything added to grow up, to help, connect really with was happening and could transforming, calm my fears, expand my limits, learning and then apply to my daily life.

You were one of the first persons who helped me, offered knowledge and tools for that I can feel much better today.

Flavia Faleroni, Peyrano. Argentina


My experience with Gonzalo’s teachings was very interesting. I discovered another kind of relaxation through the pace we had and the music with the special chimes (little bells) that he used in the Yoga practices.

Through the music that Gonzalo used to play during the relaxation time of the practices I could relax completely. I went off dreaming nice things, like colorful water falls and rivers. There was no stress around me at all. His voice guided me into a relaxed state and I could hear only his voice, nothing else.

I highly recommend Gonzalo’s Ayur Yoga classes, to relax after a busy day. You might start Gonzalo ‘s classes for stress but for sure you will end it totally relaxed and happy because Gonzalo also made me laugh! He has a nice sense of humor.

Patrick Hubbert, Münich. Germany.


Your meeting changed my life.
You came into my life when the Panic attacks were taking my life.
I noticed you thanks a class mate in the Yoga teacher training.

Before to started your practices I had fears of everything and any commentary or situation exceeded me.

While we were doing the practices my will strength was improving, my way to see the things were changing.
The energy that I started to feel was incredible and my projects were making real.

Definitely, my experience with your practices and session with sounds, as well as your interesting talks, were a great help to go out of that situation and then can find my goal that today is my career.

I could meet again with the happiness, be confidence in my self.

In addition that I improve my physic health, also, I felt in love of this new lifestyle.

Infinite Thanks for crossed in my way.

Claudia Comba, Rosario. Argentina.


When I was College student, I used to suffer neck pain, varicose vein with pain, difficulties to rest (Bruxism) and the stress of the city.

I met Gonzalo for my sister’s recommendation.
During my experience in his practices, I learned how to relax and I could relieve my neck and legs pains.

I started to get new resources that improved my life in a surprising way. Ayur Yoga provides you the development of the practices taking care of our bodies and expanding our limits.

Gonzalo used to play his instruments such Gongs, native flutes and overtones singing and together the smell and lights in the studio made a special environment that allowed to learn and experience better with relaxation, focus, and connection with inner harmony.

The exercises started to calm my anxiety, improved my consciousness and esteem.
From the meditation and visualizations, I learned how to get my goals easier. The practices improved my resistance and straightened my body giving more elongation and relaxation.

I recommend his practices because you will experiment a beautiful change if you desire a life more full and conscious.

María Laura Eggel, Rafela. Argenina.


I started the classes and from the first moment I enjoyed it. I felt intense and harmonious at the same time. He helped me to excel each day to achieve my goal after just three months of practice.

Through the breathing techniques, he strengthened my mind and taught me confidence in my body. These things were very important and I finally not only climbed to the top of the mountain I wanted to conquer, but I walked 80km. I travelled far in the mountain ranges in the Argentinian Patagonia.

I now recognize and respect my inner rhythms which allows me to recover fast and make further progress.

His teachings are very effective and valuable to all aspects of life because he knows how to lead everyone. He knows what they need at each moment and his practices can be challenging and speedy or gentle, depending or your needs. I remember leaving every practice full of enthusiasm, feeling my body being lighter, my mind happy and my soul at peace..

Adriana Butto, Rosario. Argentina.


For a time I was looking for a place to take yoga lessons, but not the common gym lessons that I tried before and didn’t work for me.

A friend told me about a yoga teacher that teaches awesome classes of Ayur Yoga. I contacted Gonzalo and I started.

From the first class, I achieved an incredible connection with my body and mind. I learned techniques to manage and lower my stress levels and even how to identify the situations that I should avoid because they cause me stress.

The exercises provided that focus on different pains and work in affected organs were a great help not only for me, but my kids and spouse as well.

I am so glad I know this discipline and also for meeting Gonzalo, who is a great teacher. His energy and knowledge that he shares without reservation leads to incredible experiences of connection with the body, mind, and soul.

I urge you to try it and see the benefits of these marvelous practices.

Yanina Canales, Rosario. Argentina.


The Ayur Yoga practices came as an alternative to self seek to open an space of rest and conection with my self while a time of work stress that as result causing both physical and emotions scars.

The Gonzalo’s classes generated a parenthesis of calm in my everyday while I coul discover progressively, through the asanas practices, meditarion, breathing techniques and other, the limits and potencialities of my body, have a new perception of it, start to realeas the mental noise and develop concentration.

I think that this time of work worked as a big enhancer of the inner qualities allowing expand the conciouss that we have about it.

I thanks Gonzalo for the beautiful experience and dedication.

Belén Oviedo, Rosario. Argentina.


Before to know the method that teaches Gonzalo I just trained in reformer pilates.
Then in his Yoga practices, I used to feel a nice calm, a change in my breathing and physical posture.
I would like to find a master like him, so complete, educated, harmonic, I would need more classes like that he gives.

I recommend his classes to improve the quality life, today the healthy is important and he provides.

Lorena Rey, Rosario. Argentina.



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