Workshops & Master classes

Are you planing a special event for your studio, wellness congress, or comunity?
I have differents options to offer depending on the public.
Here are some of them, please ask for other topics or ideas that you have. I will be happy to participate in your event and share my knowledge and experience.

General Public.

  • The Yogic breathing: foundations for a revitalizing breathing through the Ayur Yoga vision.
  • Meditation: Freedom and happiness nowadays, Introduction to the key that sustain all the yoga practice.
  • Stress: Myths, facts and Yoga resources for live healthy. Be healthier is more easier than you think with theses tools.

Yoga Teachers, students and general public.

  • Chakras, Prana and kundalini: Introduction to energetic anatomy and practices to be in balance.
  • Meditation: A step beyond the mind. Techniques to go deep in the auto practices and self knowledge.
  • Sacred Voice: An inner journey through the voice though healthy resonances.

Tell me what do you have in mind and let’s make a Great event. Contact me below.

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